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Month: November, 2011


No matter the mood in which I may find myself, I know it is transitory.  I know without a doubt the moment I begin to Praise God, things turn around.  Whether it is my own attitude or the one the Lord gives to me, my soul is elevated.

I believe that the Kingdom of God is within me and when I realize that I begin to feel joy in my heart.  It is so very true that the Lord is as close as we permit Him to be.  If I realize the Kingdom of God is within me……….then I have every reason for Joy and I can shun satan’s evil ploy.

Find your JOY !!!





 I am thankful for my Mom,…..and my Grandfather with whom I lived from the age of
4 until I was 19.  My Mom was single and had her hands filled with my care, my
having been a sickly child; my Grandfather was my ‘father’ figure in my
impressionable formative years.

Praise God for them both and for the good memories!


Today was a good day, a beautiful Fall day.  The drive was on a golden tree lined road which lifted my soul.  There were a few deep russett colored trees but mostly yellow-golden and brilliant.  A cool breeze brushed across my face and all I needed was a light jacket.  Traffic was heavy but moved steadily and no one seemed impatient nor rude.  All was well with my soul.  Even now, as I write, I feel a peace about me and I thank God for it.

I pray you also feel the Lord’s Peace all around and about you this weekend.


Above the clouds……..

Above the clouds up into the sky
High above where all the birds fly
The sun awaits brilliantly to shine
A mere hint of The Son  who is Divine.
Heaven awaits with abated breath
Our own coming after our death
To rise with Jesus to Heaven above
Because of The Father’s unconditional love.
Have a God-Blessed Night!



Already the day has had huge highs and very little lows, satan trying his darnedest to dole out inconsequential blows.  I do not want to give him the time of day therefore I’ll simply say, to our God above I pray and listen to only what He has to say.

Let us lay negativities aside and let go of selfishness and pride.  To God be the Glory for with Him one day we’ll reside.

Happy good Wednesday to you.



Before this day begins, putting things into perspective, I place everything, everyone, and every action of today in the tender care of the Lord.  I offer myself, my husband, my family, and my friends to Him in prayerful petition for His bountiful provision in every area of need.  It seems pointless to me to do otherwise when I have so much for which to be grateful.  He has created a soul within me which is carried along through life in this mortal clay.  He has blessed me personally with good health thus far.  He has blessed me with my husband, my children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  He has given me a home in which to live.  He has given me hearty doses of Faith, Hope and Charity/Love.  He has placed me in a fine neighborhood with fine neighbors.  He has blessed me with my Church which I love.  The blessings are too many to enumerate and there are hundreds more I don’t even know about.  Suffice it to say, GOD BLESS us ALL, this day!

50 Years ago…..

50 Years

50 years ago a bride walked up the aisle to her groom and a new life began.  There were uncertainties and assureties.  There was joy and happiness; there was pain,  sadness and sorrow.  The ups and downs and the ins and outs of the developing relationship weathered many a storm.  Who knew or even thought about the years ahead at those times?  Who knew that decades upon decades later we would continue to travel this road together and after 50 years we are still loving each other – “’til death due us part.”

BLESSED BE GOD forever and ever!

HE surely has BLESSED us!

Have a beautiful Monday!



Today has been a lovely day.  The sun shone brightly; the sky was cloudless and the bluest of blues.  The trees are at their peak of Fall coloration.  The Master Artist captured the beauty of the day to delight every eye that drank in the sight.  Birds sang and flew overhead.  The black crows cawed in raucous fashion flying low and soaring high.

The neighbors’ Jack Russell jumped and yip-yapped at passersby.

 I hope your day was lovely, too.

This morning it seemed to me as I gazed out of the kitchen window that God had painted the entire sky a lovely shade of pink.  The trees were silhouetted against the pink and I found it hard not to stare for a long time.  Gradually the pink left but this evening some of it returned as the sun was setting only this time it appeared as wispy ribbons giving way to dreamy thoughts.

This is the type of respite with which the Lord blesses me  and I am grateful and very glad.

I pray you are grateful and glad as well.