by grad1958

As this Christmas Eve unfolds within my soul I feel the silence and the holiness of this auspicious night, the night of the infant King’s birth.  The hush of  the holy hour is soon arriving when He gains entance into our human life.  How the Father has loved His us, so much that He, in His almighty wisdom knew the only way to permit us to join Him would be for a Go-Between, namely, His only Son, to come to save us for Himself. 

These thoughts lay upon my heart, humbly do I bow before the infant King, in awe.  When I stop to think God reaches to us, comes to us, I am blown away and get Jesus bumps all up and down my spine, my arms.  “O, Lord, I am NOT worthy, that thous shouldst come to me…” words of a Hymn I have known and sung since childhood and even now I love it, and now…it means so much more.

HOLY CHRISTMAS EVE to you, Dear Reader.

Prayerfully, Mel