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Today has been a lovely day.  The sun shone brightly; the sky was cloudless and the bluest of blues.  The trees are at their peak of Fall coloration.  The Master Artist captured the beauty of the day to delight every eye that drank in the sight.  Birds sang and flew overhead.  The black crows cawed in raucous fashion flying low and soaring high.

The neighbors’ Jack Russell jumped and yip-yapped at passersby.

 I hope your day was lovely, too.


This morning it seemed to me as I gazed out of the kitchen window that God had painted the entire sky a lovely shade of pink.  The trees were silhouetted against the pink and I found it hard not to stare for a long time.  Gradually the pink left but this evening some of it returned as the sun was setting only this time it appeared as wispy ribbons giving way to dreamy thoughts.

This is the type of respite with which the Lord blesses me  and I am grateful and very glad.

I pray you are grateful and glad as well.




Good Thursday Morning!


We are transitioning.  What we are now we shall never be again.  We are a people in motion.  Our thoughts are constant.  It is hard to acquire true peace because a myriad of thoughts invade our heads.  Distractions ceaselessly attack us.  Even in prayer, our thoughts wander here and there.

Seasons are always changing as well.  All life has movement and all is moving as it was intended.

Thanks be to God for change.  May we acquiesce to God’s Holy Will at all times. 

Good Night.



This is a lovely night.  The sky is clear and cool.  After the Nor’easter of yesterday which felt like winter, today felt like fall.  The ice melted off our car by 2 pm.  The only evidence of yesterday’s snow on our property is on sections of the grass.  Although we have had no loss of electricity, many are without due to the heaviness of the wet snow on wires.  Trees came down on some cars and blocked streets.  Our immediate area had no such issues.

All in all it has been a GOOD DAY and a GOOD EVENING.  I hope you enjoyed the same.



As another day begins, the sun peaks over the
And holds the promise of blessings yet to
The act of this realization is itself a mighty
And the majestic powers of God appear,
Wind, chill, sleet, snow, rain, sun ~ all bathe the
And claim the world belongs to our God
The act of this realization is itself a mighty
That He gives to us through His unconditional
The pilgrimage from our births to the end of our
Plunge us into valleys yet elevate us to the
The act of this realization is itself a mighty
Keeping us ever under His loving watchful
The day will  surely come when our journey is
The Lord will come to meet us His  arms open
The act of this realization is itself a mighty
He’ll embrace us and with Him forever
we’ll abide.

© Mel Patterson, 10-3-11


Ping!  Ping!  Ping!  Sleet is hitting the windows as the Nor’easter plows through our area.  The cars have a coating of ice and snow ~ which is mixed in with the rains.

This is a sharp contrast to yesterday’s beautiful Fall day. 

The consolation, hope and knowledge is that the Son is shining above all of the rain and snow clouds which hides the sun presently.  All is transitory and this, too, shall pass.

Aside from the annoyance of the cold and the weather it is a very good day.  I hope you can see beyond your clouds.

Have a GOOD DAY!


Good Blessings

Today was a day that was crisp, brisk, clear and beautiful.  The ride in our daughter’s car gave me a different vantage point as a passenger where I could enjoy the view.  Autumn is a lovely time of year although we are to have some snow tomorrow.  I noticed the leaves of gold, orange, burnt sienna, russets and some greens.  I was blown away this afternoon by seeing moss in my front yard.  I can’t believe we have moss.  I love moss and wanted to have some in our yard and voila!  There it is, bright green, low to the ground and feeling like thick velvet.  I just love moss.

Moss delights me.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Hope you are happy, too.





Good Thursday Morning

Patience, child, the time has
not yet arrived.

I’m with you regardless of what satan’s
The time has not yet come to leave this
Even though you’re tired of being
here, there, and everywhere.
Be in constant prayer and know I care.
I will never leave you nor forsake
You are in my Heart for ever and
Remember that I make all things
My heart from you will never ever
Come to Me for there are Blessings to
Be in constant prayer and know I
Come to Me, child, in prayer
It’s the key by which my Heart will
You, Precious, are the apple of my
My Love for you is higher than the
I love you, yes you – like no
After all, you’re my mother, sister and
I want to give you
Graces, child so fair,
Be in constant prayer
and know I care.
© Mel Patterson,
 Hope you have enjoyed this poem.  Even though it is cloudy and raining today, above the rain and clouds the sun shines and further, and most importantly, The SON shines radiantly and for ever!
I hope you also have a good day!

GOOD Birthday DAY

Today is my Birthday and it has been lovely.  It is a beautiful Fall day.  I walked for 2 miles at a local Health-Plex while hubby had physical therapy in the same facility.  I looked out  the windows as I passed them during my walk to see the russets, golds, ambers, greens and yellow leaves on the surrounding trees.  There is also a golf club next door and the golf carts were moving about the area. 

I wrote a comical poem about my new age.  I hope you get a chuckle out of it.  LOL.

How did I ever get to be seventy one?
When did I get to weigh almost a ton?
How is it my wrinkles have wrinkles?
Why do I have a back that now crinkles?
Who is that old lady in my mirror?
If it’s me I think I need a beer!
Why do I have the spirit of a teen
But my hearing is no longer keen?
I am no longer speed-walking
My feet really are  squawking.  
I now have a middle-aged spread
And my ample bottom feels like lead.
This little ditty is penned in jest
To make you smile is my quest
The cycles of my own life amuse me
Of being silly you may accuse me.
Now that I have lived all of these
I think I’ll have just as many beers
To allay all of my fears,
Stave off life’s mournful tears
and bring on lots of happy cheers! 
Wooo HOOOO !!!

© Mel Patterson, 10-25-11

God is as close as we permit Him to be.